G. Wienholt.... your Alderley Edge Bakery Winners of the British Confectioners Association Cup G. Wienholt.... your Alderley Edge BakeryWinners of the British Confectioners Association Cup

Winners of the BCA Cup 2014, help us celebrate with a month of half price offers.....


The British Confectioners Association Cup is a prestigious competition held over two years between 60 top U.K. bakeries. Over the course of 6 heats four of our products won firsts, which led us to being the overall winners of the BCA cup! To celebrate we are offering you a chance during November to try each of our winning products at half price! Starting week one the Cherry and Almond cake, week 2 our Pistachio Macaron, week 3 the Mince Pie and week 4 Christmas Pie, we hope you enjoy them.




Winner number 3

Mince pie


At christmas  quality really matters, which must be why our mince pies fly off the shelves at this time of year. Each day we make small batches of mince pie pastry using real butter, then the lids are hand cut while our trusty crypto peerless blocker stamps out the bases. Then they are hand filled with a quality fruit filling, enriched with fresh apple and rum. They are baked fresh at the beginning of each day to ensures our mince pies are of the very highest quality. 


When judged against mince pies from larger bakeries, they left competition standing!

Welcome to G Wienholt, Alderley Edge Bakery!


We are a traditional bakery, established in 1950.  All our pies and cakes are handmade in our bakery behind the shop. 


Each day our skilled team of bakers and confectioners use time proven recipies along with the finest ingredients to create a product unique in it's quality. 


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G. Wienholt bakery ...high class patisserie and traditional quality pies.


Take the time to browse our website for more information about our bakery and products. Then contact us by e-mail or call us at 01625 583275 to ask any questions.


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